About Home Inspections

The home inspection is a time in which you have to systematically and thoroughly evaluate the house in which you intend to purchase in great detail. In many cases, it takes up to 3 months to construct a single family residence. You have only a few hours to dissect it backwards. That is, from the outside in. Home inspections are the home buyers last line of defense between buying the home of their dreams and the money pit. For this reason, it’s imperative that you perform the inspection as best as you can, while you have the time.

Make sure you give yourself enough time

Make sure that you allow yourself ample time to complete your due diligence. As we stated, 3 hours is a good amount of time for around 1500 square feet following the DIY home inspection checklist. If you need more time, just ask your realtor who can then ask the seller if you can have additional time to complete your investigation.

Bring other inspectors with you

If you think you would like to have the chimney or sewer or roof inspected as an ancillary inspection, try to schedule these ancillary services at the same time that you will be there for your physical inspection. this way, you can view all of the information regarding the property at one time.



1Who can perform a home inspection?
Within the sate of California, anyone can perform a home inspection. In other words, even you can can perform your own home inspection with ZERO understanding as to how a home is built. In all actuality, this goes for anyone who wishes to make a career out of inspecting. This is problematic for many of you who trust that the person who you are trusting with your future is qualified. To put it another way, does the inspector you choose know anything about houses?
2How Long Does a Home Inspection take?
For those of us who are very thorough, home inspections can take many hours. First thing to remember, is to make sure you have enough sunlight to complete the inspection. Second, make sure everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page and understands you will be there a while. In spite of the fact that the sellers can only wish you would speed through the inspection, you should not. Take a 1500 square foot home for example. Such a home should take an seasoned inspector up to 3 hours to complete. Therefore, it should probably take you 4 hours with your list.
3Do I need to Generate a Report?
Although you choose to perform your own inspection, you may want to consider generating a written report. Albeit, the report is generally a document for the buyer, you may need it to get repairs performed. Furthermore, the written report can help the seller better understand what issues if any were discovered. Are reports required? No. Are reports a good idea? Yes.
4Who can be there with me?
This is your tie to inspect the house. Brig as many individuals with you as it takes to ensure the home you plan to buy is safe and in acceptable condition.
5Where can I look and not look?
For the most part, the house is open to you to perform a traditional inspection, or inspection with specific ancillary inspections combined. It doesn't mean you can rummage through the sellers personal stuff. Just use good judgment.
6What about inaccessible areas?
Areas that are not accessible during the inspection can be made accessible during your final walk through. Thats the last opportunity you'll have to view the property before taking possession. If anything is damaged or otherwise unaccessible, you can take it up with the seller at that time.