About us… DIY Home Inspection ChecklistHome inspection DIY checklist

The DIY project was initiated for the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive checklist. This list is for those who do not wish to pay for a home inspector to evaluate their new home. The home inspection list which we provide is produced out of thousands and thousands of property inspections. The list will systematically carry you through the entire home inspection process just as the pros would do.

We are pros

The list which you downloaded, or soon to download was produced by a professional home inspection company based out of Los Angeles. First of all, we’ve conducted well over 15,000 home inspections over the span of 20 plus years. Secondly, we are professional home inspectors with years of experience in construction. As a matter of fact, we are General contractors, swimming pool contractors, fireplace / chimney contractors and inspectors, Level III thermographers and more.

Our Commitment is to the buyerDIY home inspection checklist

For years, our home inspection company has been committed to the home buyer. We did not nor do we currently cater to the realtor or anyone else who has a financial interest in the transaction closing. How does this play into the making of a home inspection checklist you ask? Easy, the list is thorough and comprehensive which takes a long time to complete. The longer the inspection takes the more the realtors will become agitated. The more more you find the more agitated realtors become.

For us, we do not care how agitated realtor ever got or get towards our style of inspections. We continue to develop our style to help buyers to discover whatever lies within the walls of the home in which the intend to purchase.