Other types of inspections to consider

When performing a home inspection, many times other ancillary inspections are often needed. Despite all the efforts of a home inspector or you, there are simply areas of the house or systems which require specialized equipment to inspect. Even though you perform a stellar visual inspection, it’s impossible to see within the sewer line without a camera. In all reality, this fact will never change.

Make sure you read the TDS…

As a home buyer, it’s essential that you understand that these ancillary inspections take place during your contingency period.  Furthermore, it’s equally important that you also request a copy of the sellers transfer disclosure statement prior to your inspections. This TDS document will list any of the issues current or previous that the seller is aware of.

Get Ancillary inspections!

For the most part, it’s my position after performing thousands of home inspections, that these ancillary inspections be performed on EVERY HOUSE without exception. Why is this? Because I’ve seen where “assuming”  all is okay, it is in fact not. For example, sewer lines often become damaged due to tree root systems. inasmuch as everyone assumes the sewer line might be okay on a 15 year old house. The reality is that 15 years is enough time for an aggressive tree root system to damage your pipe. Never trust your realtor on this. it’s not only their inspection at stake, it’s also not their money.



How many of you can see up the inside of a chimney flue? I sure can't. Without the use of special equipment such as a chimney camera, I'm sure its safe to assume you can't either. Chimney inspections are the most import of all ancillary inspections to have performed. Why? Because where else in your home do you encapsulate a live fire? The fee for a service like this is around $29-$350 for the first chimney, a little less for others on the same day.


Moisture intrusion testing is necessary when you have conditions such as windows which are thought to leak. Or in some cases, roof systems which are also thought to leak. these moisture intrusion tests identify and expose active leaks with the use of specialized equipment.. Like a spray rack for example. The starting price for this service is $450 and up.


Where do you place safety on your scale of importance? Well, how about this huge body of water plopped in the middle of the back yard. Drownings are preventable. It's up to you to ensure that the pool is safe from drownings from not just your family...but your neighbors as well. Lets take bonding. Is your pool properly bonded? If not, I would not swim in it. Same goes for electric GROUND FAULT protection. The cost for a swimming pool inspection is $295-$350.


The roof inspection is another one of the ancillary inspections which in my opinion is necessary. It's virtually impossible to see whats under the roof covering thus, the need to have a professional physically inspect the roof for any hidden defects or damage. Roof inspections by and large run about $295. The roof inspection is always suggested for concrete tile, clad tile and slate roofs which are over 30 years of age.


Tiled showers possess a pan. Whether the pan is a liner or tar and papered, it is suggested to be tested. A shower pan replacement can potentially be a very costly expense. This test is recommended, however to be performed by a professional. If the shower pan leaks, there could be damage associated with other wall / ceiling finishes. The expected cost for this service is around $250.


Color panels are growing in popularity. Withy this growth, comes a need to have the systems professionally evaluated. Solar panel inspections are recommended especially if the equipment is personally owned as opposed to a lease, yet still suggested however.


Structural issues come in all shapes and sizes. The signs and indications of structural damage are as many as there are stars, well almost. Hillside homes, raised foundations, post tension slabs, these systems all have different potentials for damage structurally. If you're not an engineer, you might want to think about having a structural inspection performed. The cost for this service is around $500-$1000.


Termites are pests, literally. These little insects can create havoc within a home built of wood. I always alway suggest my clients get a termite inspection. Especially when they are so inexpensive...$100 ish.


The sewer line is one of those ancillary inspections that you need, especially if you live around trees or if the sewer system is very old. If I had a dollar for every sewer line that was damaged during an inspection, I'd have a lot of single dollars laying around which might make people wonder... be that as it may. Always get a sewer line inspection by a professional inspector. The cost of this service is between $150 and $350.

Download the DIY home inspection checklist here